Our story


Furniture is ever evolving. Designs were once just functional, today it is about aesthetics, ergonomics, health, durability climate adaptation and so much more. It is with this understanding and the recognition of a need of clever, futuristic designing that Bavanam was founded. Solely made of aluminium, the designs are not only functional it is supremely durable, stunningly structured and perfect for tropical weather. Bavanam's process is a result of dedicated R&D. It is a blend of the perfect material and integration of the best of technology with sourcing designing and crafting.


Bavanam collaborates with Malabar Extrusions; a leading supplier of aluminium, to ensure smooth and consistent supply and continued research and development that allows for proactive design evolution. The high and vacuum powder coating process allows the designers to add a range of wooden, polished textures and finishes to product.

Our Mission is to innovate through people, process and technology

Our Vision is to become the leading supplier of smart, progressive and value oriented housing, furniture and custom made interior solutions in India by 2022

Powered by Women

Over 70% of Bavanam's work staff is women, by choice. It is important to us that we grow together with the community around us and we believe that growth always stems from empowered women. These capable women have been the backbone of our process, their intelligence, sensibility and sincerity has infused our products and services with a unique sense of aesthetic integrity that our customers have come to cherish.